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January 2014

Growth Vouchers-No Brainer?

The Government has this month (January 2014) launched a £30m ‘Growth Vouchers’ programme to help small British businesses grow. The Enterprise Nation Marketplace is the only place to find Growth Voucher advisers – and it’s open for business now. The great news is that John Barnes of BarnesCDir Ltd is a registered advisor for Leadership and Management Training. The programme will offer advice and guidance to businesses taking part and see subsidies of up to £2,000 offered to many to spend with advisers on the new Enterprise Nation Marketplace. It’s expected to help 20,000 of the smallest British businesses over …Read More

Questions for Family Business

QUESTIONS TO ASK IN YOUR FAMILY BUSINESS 1. What are the most common problems with family businesses? 2. How can we minimise the risk of disputes over the running of the business? 3. What can I do if family members who work for the business don’t get on well together? 4. What can be done if a family shareholder is using their shares as a weapon in a family feud? 5. Can we stop a family shareholder giving shares to the ‘black sheep’ of the family? 6. What sort of issues should we cover in a shareholders’ agreement for a …Read More

Measuring Performance

Driving & leading your business  You would not consider driving a car without a simple dashboard of gauges to alert you to potential engine or other problems with your vehicle. So why drive your business without a similar dashboard? Use some Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to monitor your business success. KPIs are quantifiable measurements of business performance commonly used to evaluate activities that reflect the critical factors of business success.  You will find that ultimately there will only be a few KPI’s that will drive the core critical elements of your business. If you don’t regularly monitor your business you …Read More

Hire People Better Than You

HIRE PEOPLE BETTER THAN YOU    Sooner or later, all businesses hit that wall.  For business owners it is a tough but salutary experience to realise that the main obstacle to growing their business is, in fact, themselves. It takes real bravery, passion and great ideas to start a business, then to pull it up by its bootstraps.  However, once the model is proven, the enterprise takes on a different aspect and turning that great idea into a thriving and growing business can become a huge task. Focus The focus in such businesses is normally on doing the same thing over …Read More

Avoid Email Addiction

Do you have an addiction to being connected to your e mails, and to the illusion of being busy dealing with them at the expense of other more important stuff? Don’t let it take over your working day Your inbox is packed full of potentially “exciting information” to distract you.  But checking too often can become a daily disease.  Turn off the sounds and graphics so that you only visit your inbox when you’re ready to, not every time something new comes in. Your inbox is not your to-do list Your inbox is nothing more than a holding pen for …Read More

Board Meeting Arrangements

BOARD MEETING ARRANGEMENTS There is a clear need for a schedule of board meetings and most companies opt for one a month but some have quarterly or bi-monthly meetings.   This schedule should be prepared at least one year in advance.  At times of crisis, the frequency may need to be increased as required. Frequency:   four to 14 a year, planned a year ahead   any director may call a meeting at any time   The Company Secretary must organise such a meeting at the director’s request.   Duration:  preferably two to four hours.   Location:  varied if possible to …Read More