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January 2016

Ten Tips for Networking

Ten Tips for Networking Give – Be generous with your advice and time – do not go to an event just to take and move on When you leave the event you want to leave people with a positive image of you. Keep your contacts data base up to date with notes on when and where you met Be patient, networking tales time, treat it as an investment that may not pay dividends for months. Attend events that are relevant to you and your career – do not become a networking addict. Your time is precious, use it wisely. Remember …Read More

Refocus Your Team on the New Strategy

Most strategic change initiatives fail or at least hit some major bumps along the road. Ifyour team is struggling to adapt to a new strategy, try these three steps to get them back on track: Push decision making down. If people are told to act differently, they feel like “doers” with little control or power. Let people make choices about how they will contribute to the new strategy. Ask for input. If your people are stuck, ask them to suggest ways to remove the barriers that are holding them back. Share successes. No one wants to change if she / …Read More

Give Up Control & Grow

Leaders who micromanage do a disservice to their company, their employees, and themselves; worse yet, they are often preventing their companies from growing. If you are struggling to grow your company or unit, one of the smartest things you can do is give up control. Here’s how: Push down decision making. If you’re making all the decisions, you’re only holding your company back. Push decision making down to the lowest possible level. Accept that mistakes will happen. Sharing responsibility with others means things don’t always go according to plan. Prepare your employees to avoid mistakes by being clear about your …Read More

Look up and back – Do Not Get Distracted

In business, it’s important to set goals, achieve a sales target, grow the company-and lay out the strategies you believe will get you there. A clear strategy that dictates the process for achieving goals can be comforting, but be careful not to let it distract you. Don’t keep your head so focused on the process that you lose sight of the bigger picture. Look up and back on a regular basis and remind yourself what you have and what you are trying to achieve. Markets change, customers change, and even your company changes; looking up ensures that you don’t miss …Read More