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July 2020

10 Post Lockdown Business Tips

  Gather, understand & follow your data. Monitor your pipeline. Look for the trends in your data. Keep close to your customers. Operate with a plan do check act philosophy. Create & use a post lockdown dashboard of key data. Look forward and respond wisely to your data. No knee-jerk reactions Stay agile & spend time working ON your Business. Take Care, Be Safe & Be Happy #businessplanning tips

Tips on Selling your Business

Selling your business – preparation for sale; key items: Is your business in peak condition? If not, you are never going to realise its maximum potential. Consider this: would you ever sell your car without first giving it a valet and ensuring service records are up to date? No. So do the same with your business – clean it up and ensure it is fit to sell. With that in mind here are some top tips for ensuring that your business is prepared and in “tip-top” condition Firstly, obtain a valuation of your business to ensure that your expectations are …Read More

Reasons for Mergers & Aquisition

Why do you want to acquire a business? Organic growth is difficult or not possible or not quick enough Diversification of product or market Removing a competitor Synergy with the target acquisition Tax efficiency, buying a failing / loss making business can reduce Corp tax liabilities Valuable patents or IP held by the company you want to acquire High value assets that are disposable of the target company Ego or vanity Marketing ploy to enhance your current brand or company Vertical integration Investment into management teams   Key Tip It’s not possible to eliminate risk, but highly recommend as much …Read More

What Leadership Shadow do you cast?

“A leader doesn’t just get the message across; They are the message.”  Business culture lies at the heart of many merger clashes, strategy failures, and change initiatives, too many Directors and senior managers approach organisational culture as they might the weather: everyone talks about it but with the assumption that nothing can be done about it. Lack of collaboration is only one cultural traits impacted by the shadow of the leaders. You could substitute many things, including: blaming, stress, lack of coaching, resistance to change, hectic, hierarchical, risk-averse, and so on. The values, habits, and biases of the founders and …Read More