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Are you too busy to notice that you are not in profit?

Your business may seem very busy, but is it making money? Too many SME’s rely on gut feelings and fail to recognise when costs are exceeding revenue.

Ask yourself:-

Do you know what your break-even point is?

Do you have a simple but effective budget?

Do you review and update your budget each month?

Many SME’s have no idea of either their break-even point or how to put a simple budget together.

Remember, busy does not mean profitable – the term “busy fool” comes to mind.

Companies that fail to keep track of their performance both past and expected, are at risk of failure.

Experience shows that companies are most susceptible to failure when coming out of a recession.

Act now and get in control of your own business – Do not let the business and market control you!

Barnes CDir Ltd can help you introduce simple but very effective budgetary controls into your business – Contact me now  at john@barnescdir.co.uk