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Board Meeting Arrangements


There is a clear need for a schedule of board meetings and most companies opt for one a month but some have quarterly or bi-monthly meetings.   This schedule should be prepared at least one year in advance.  At times of crisis, the frequency may need to be increased as required.

  • Frequency:


  • four to 14 a year, planned a year ahead


  • any director may call a meeting at any time


  • The Company Secretary must organise such a meeting at the director’s request.


  • Duration:  preferably two to four hours.


  • Location:  varied if possible to ensure a good environment.


  • Seating:  should be planned to avoid power groups.


  • Notice:


  • Essential only if there is no pre-arranged programme (e.g. every first Thursday of each month), otherwise reasonable notice.


  • Give due regard to directors who are not in the country.


  • Agenda:  should be practical, though it is not a legal necessity to have a set agenda.


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