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Move in the Right Circles.

Having a portfolio career can at times be a lonely existence. Everyone needs support and people around them who understand the pressures and frustrations in their business world. I was looking for that support when I created my consultancy and found that PortfolioExec filled that role with the added value of providing portfolio commissions opportunities. If you have a Portfolio career and want to move in the right circles contact me or PortfolioExec direct and see how this organisation can help you. “PortfolioExec® is a Business Consortium of approved Associates and Corporate Partners providing a framework for opportunity for part-time …Read More

Coaching or Mentoring?

COACHING OR MENTORING? Have you have wondered what is the difference between coaching and mentoring? While definitions do vary, the key difference is that mentoring is designed to be non – directive. Mentoring takes a broad view of the individual and, while there is a focus, mentoring takes a much wider approach to a person’s goals and ambitions. The mentor may offer coaching and training from time to time, but may also encourage the use of specialist support in these areas. Coaching is more directive and normally has a specific and tightly focused goal which is more skills and performance …Read More

Hire People Better Than You

HIRE PEOPLE BETTER THAN YOU    Sooner or later, all businesses hit that wall.  For business owners it is a tough but salutary experience to realise that the main obstacle to growing their business is, in fact, themselves. It takes real bravery, passion and great ideas to start a business, then to pull it up by its bootstraps.  However, once the model is proven, the enterprise takes on a different aspect and turning that great idea into a thriving and growing business can become a huge task. Focus The focus in such businesses is normally on doing the same thing over …Read More

Initial Consultation – No Cost

Please be aware that I will always give potential users of my services a No Charge, No Obligation initial consultation to ensure that I am able to assist you and your business. Call now 0161 850 1072    

Do you need a business plan?

A business plan is a crucial step for any successful business venture, but is all too often forgotten or put on the back burner. Find out why you need to put it at the top of your `to do` list. Many owners see business plans as merely a way of acquiring funding. They do not recognise the power of the business plan in steering their business forward many months or even years down the line. What’s the point of a business plan? A business plan serves a critical purpose in any organisation. It focuses your efforts, enabling you to spot …Read More

Why choose a Chartered Director?

Chartered Director status from the Institute of Directors is now established as a leading benchmark qualification for directors across the private, public and third sectors. Find out how your business could benefit from expert board-level support… It is supported by a large number of major and influential organisations – and for good reason. Being a knowledgeable and confident director does not happen by accident. The Institute of Directors sets a premium on effective board direction: it qualifies Chartered Directors through a programme of learning, development and the assessment of experience in key areas of a boards work, including taking responsibility …Read More

Why use a non executive director?

Non executive directors can be extremely useful to any company. In many companies, it can be relatively simple for the management structure to slip into an introverted and staid approach to business. Find out how to avoid the complacency trap…. It is fairly common for traditional, family owned businesses to fall into the trap of “we’ve always done it this way – why should we change?” Non executive directors can: Have a huge effect on boardroom culture and behaviour along with corporate governance. Influence not only the company’s governance but also the “family governance” in non listed companies. Bring to …Read More

Selling your business? – Get it in shape!

Are you considering selling your business? Let Barnes CDir Ltd. with its affiliated specialists, guide and assist you through the process. Is your business in peak condition? If not, you are never going to realise its maximum potential. Consider this: would you ever sell your car without first giving it a valet and ensuring service records are up to date? No. So do the same with your business – clean it up and ensure it is fit to sell. With that in mind here are some top tips for ensuring that your business is prepared and in “tip-top” condition Firstly, …Read More

Keeping your shareholders happy?

 Here are my top ten tips for keeping shareholders happy: 1.        Under-promise and over-deliver.  Shareholders are slow to forgive when disappointed.  Pitch forecasts at levels that can be comfortably achieved.   2.   Give maximum detail in annual and interim reports.  This offers the best chance of communicating your story to the investing community.   3.   Don’t be afraid to give an honest appraisal of the business outlook.  Bad news is bound to leak out eventually.   4.  Don’t overpay yourselves.  Shareholders want to know that their own interests are aligned to those of the directors.   5.  …Read More

Have you considered mentoring disadvantaged children?

Please consider the benefit you could give a child who is in need of some stability and guidance in their life. All it takes is a small amount of your time each week (No more than two hours). In return you will receive support and training. The rewards are priceless. Please take some time to read the comments of a mentees family below:- Mum: “Since Michael started the mentoring group, I feel he has changed and grown up a lot, his mentor xxx is an amazing person, Michael couldn’t have had a better person. We felt xxxx had become part …Read More