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Chartered Director


I am a commercially minded non executive director & business advisor with more than 25 years experience at board level within private limited and PLC organisations. I have a proven ability to identify opportunities for driving performance improvement, defining corporate direction and transforming organisations using strong strategic planning, financial control and team leadership skills.

I am analytical in approach, delivering sustained growth by identifying key critical success factors and associated risks, with the aim of developing existing and new markets to achieve overall business objectives.

Considered to be an inspiring leader, I have over many years created the best opportunities for the best people by coaching and mentoring, aligned with setting stretching targets, objectives and KPI’s to build businesses fit for the future.

Let me distinguish and add value to your business by constructively challenging and contributing, with a high level of professional governance.

Area of coverage – Greater London & Manchester; South East England, Midlands & most other UK-wide locations. Please call me today on 07702 957 552 to arrange a no obligation, initial consultation, at my expense.


Chartered Directors lead organisations in the private and public sectors at the highest strategic level.

A Chartered Director has demonstrated to the Institute of Directors, by way of study, examination, experience and finally a demanding professional competence interview, that they have the expertise and integrity to meet the challenges of business today.

Chartered Directors have a dramatic and positive effect on the success of the organisations they are involved with and are able to:-


    • Demonstrate to shareholders, stakeholders, clients and customers that their organisation is professional and successful.


    • Operate at a strategic and tactical level to establish and sustain growth.


    • Appreciate all aspects of effective business leadership and sound corporate governance.


    • Improve the board’s effectiveness.


For further information http://www.iod.com/developing/chartered-director-qualifications/chartered-director

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