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Have you considered mentoring disadvantaged children?

Please consider the benefit you could give a child who is in need of some stability and guidance in their life. All it takes is a small amount of your time each week (No more than two hours). In return you will receive support and training. The rewards are priceless.

Please take some time to read the comments of a mentees family below:-

Mum: “Since Michael started the mentoring group, I feel he has changed and grown up a lot, his mentor xxx is an amazing person, Michael couldn’t have had a better person.

We felt xxxx had become part of the family.

Stepdad: “I believe this mentoring has calmed Michael down a lot. He has become more helpful, and he isn’t getting as angry as he used to do before.

“xxx has been good for him. xxx has become like family to us, and there was always fun rivalry between us about football.”


Then visit Bolton Lads & Girls Club web site:-


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