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Coaching or Mentoring?

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Have you have wondered what is the difference between coaching and mentoring?

While definitions do vary, the key difference is that mentoring is designed to be non – directive.

Mentoring takes a broad view of the individual and, while there is a focus, mentoring takes a much wider approach to a person’s goals and ambitions. The mentor may offer coaching and training from time to time, but may also encourage the use of specialist support in these areas.

Coaching is more directive and normally has a specific and tightly focused goal which is more skills and performance related.

The key differences are:-



Relationship orientated Task Orientated
Broad focus Narrow focus
Capability & potential Skill & performance
Directed by the learner Directed by the coach
Feedback by the learner Feedback to the learner
Long term Can be short term

BarnesCDir offer both Mentoring & Coaching to suit the needs of the individual and / or



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