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Move in the Right Circles.

John Barnes Portfolio Exec

Having a portfolio career can at times be a lonely existence.

Everyone needs support and people around them who understand the pressures and frustrations in their business world.

I was looking for that support when I created my consultancy and found that PortfolioExec filled that role with the added value of providing portfolio commissions opportunities.

If you have a Portfolio career and want to move in the right circles contact me or PortfolioExec direct and see how this organisation can help you.

“PortfolioExec® is a Business Consortium of approved Associates and Corporate Partners providing a framework for opportunity for part-time Directors in the SME marketplace.”

PortfolioExec Ltd – Contact Nigel Harrap, quoting BarnesCDir.


Email: nigel@portfolioexec.com
Mob: 07970 751999
Web: www.portfolioexec.comJohn Barnes CDir; MIoD; FRICS Non- Executive Director & Business Advisor
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