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pitching for business

Are you about to pitch for business funds?

Remember you only have one chance to make that first impression.

Your presentation is very important; it’s the ice breaker, it’s the elevator pitch, it’s the reason you are there.


Make sure you have at least three minutes of material without interruptions.  When pitching you will normally have up to 4-5 minutes to deliver it but most Business Angels / Venture Capitalists will interrupt you and you need to know it well enough to come back to your script.

We recommend that you prepare:

  • 1 minute on the Product/service
  • 1 minute on the Business model
  • 1 minute on the Team
  • 1 minute on the Financials

It is better to start with the Financials because Business Angels / Venture capitalist will often ask so many questions on Product/Service that you don’t get a chance to explain about the thing that matters;  the money!

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