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Preparation is the key to any successful meeting / difficult conversation. It will give you confidence to conduct the meeting in a structured and professional manner.

Use the template below as guide in your preparation:-


Preparation Date:                                                  Meeting Date:

Proposed Attendees:


Meeting Purpose – Why are you having this meeting?


 Objective – What would be your preferred result from this meeting?


 Premise – What do you already know about the subject matter / people / situation?


 Meeting Strategy- How will you achieve the preferred objective & can you measure it?


 Anticipation- What might the participants do, say & ask? And will you respond?


  • Allow reflection time during the meeting. It is OK to have period of silence.
  • Consider emotion may play a part.
  • It is Ok not to get to the answer / solution in one meet – You might need to adjourn to allow for the participants to reflect on what has been said / proposed.