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Daniel Mills
Daniel Mills
14:33 08 Mar 18
John is a real credit to work with. He's provided myself and the business with a vast amount of knowledge around cashflow forecasts, business planning, business strategies along with the various obstacles we encounter in business, John always seems to have the answer. A highly recommended business mentor within Greater Manchester.
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The Area Manager of our bank recommended John to us - as we were due to embark on a large expansion. Our bank has a good track record of working with John and, as they were keen for us to meet him, we took it as a good sign. After a couple of initial meetings which helped us both get the feel of what could be done, we agreed a development programme, which is just coming to the end of the first phase. John has taken on a full review of the group including processes, accounting and lending, from which we implemented a plan. The plan was in-depth and, as a result, we have become much more cohesive as a group, present stronger financials and have quicker and more relevant/detailed reporting processes. We have met some fantastic contacts as a result and have implemented a series of training courses (mostly grant-funded with John’s assistance). In addition, we have shored up a number of potential liabilities and he has helped us to implement a variety of other items".

Now that we have a very solid foundation, we are looking to move into the next phase of development, which we are very excited about. John will be very involved in this, and I wouldn’t want it any other way!

Should anyone with to speak to me, please do not hesitate to do so."

Mark Hawthorn, Mark Hawthorn Landmark Investments Ltd

Whilst pursuing my non-executive director (NED) certificate via the Financial Times, I felt that I needed access to a mentor/coach to develop a stronger appreciation of the value and purpose of a NED.

John became that person and gave much of his spare time to provide insights into`real-life` experiences from the viewpoint of a NED, a chairman and a chief exec. He is a Chartered Director and an Ambassador for the IoD (Institute of Directors) who used his knowledge and direct experience of boardroom dilemmas, risk management, strategy and financial accounts to explain how I should best serve an organisation as a newly qualified NED.

His advice and support were invaluable to me. I would not hesitate to recommend John's services. He is a true gentlemen and a genuine coach/mentor who works tirelessly to impart knowledge and evangelise the ethical standards, values and principles that all members of a corporate board should uphold. First class!"

Salim Sheikh, Mentoring Endorsement

Having worked with John for almost ten years, I can testify to his expertise and commitment in managing stakeholders and systems across the spectrum of industry. He has exceptional people skills strengthened by his breadth of board level proficiency in implementation of business systems throughout an organisation. He could deliver an exceptional contribution to any board of directors, giving an immediate overview of the infrastructure, comparing this to the best of industry standard utilising his Chartered Director's qualification."

Denise Shacklady, Peakway Group

We have been working with John for three months and his coaching, guidance and experience has been crucial to our business. You will already know most of the issues that have a negative affect on your business, just as we did, but like us you haven't managed to resolve them because of a lack of time, resources and knowledge, or more likely all three. John has helped us to implement management processes that allow us to make important decisions with confidence and decisiveness, which is having an immediate and positive impact on the growth and profitability of the business. Without John I believe our growth would have plateaued because of a lack of planning and management, with him growth continues unabated."

Paul Rudge, Zen Lifestyles Ltd

I have co presented with John and seen his delivery enthuse his audience. I believe he can make a difference to many businesses who might need a voice of experience.”

Andrew Rimmer, SLS Solicitors Limited Manchester

John was highly recommended by a colleague from the UnLtd. organisation.

When we first began the mentoring role we both agreed mutual guidelines and within this, John was able to set useful targets to pursue which helped keep our meetings productive and focused.

Throughout the 12 month mentoring scheme John gave sensible, clear and honest advice. His feedback was thoughtful and strategic. On a number of occasions he offered to make an introduction to useful contacts and always kept his word.

I gained a lot from working with John, but most importantly he listened and helped me make better informed decisions.

A good man to have in your corner."

Bradley Lincoln, Mentoring Endorsement

John has been with ASG Services for 12 months as a NED.

He has helped the board of directors make significant changes to the business and challenged the executive members of the board especially with pre conceived thought processes. This has in turn helped change ASG Services from a loss-making to a profit-making business with a very positive outlook.

I can't recommend John Barnes enough if you need real company support from a person with not only contacts and skill but hands-on experience. We have all learned a lot from John, especially the board members."

Tony Gresty, Westbrook Industrial Ltd

John satisfied our expectations in all respects. The company directors had no experience of strategic planning or managing in medium/large companies. They did not understand their legal responsibilities. They were busy working in the company not on the company.

With John`s guidance the company now has a disciplined decision-making process, has improved its internal communications and achieved its strategic goals. His interpersonal skills enabled him to form trusting relationships with all concerned. He is as good a listener and thinker as he is a talker, a rare combination in a consultant from my experience."

Colin Higham , Polyfab Coatings & Systems LTD

Having recently undertaken a Management Leadership programme with you, we would like to extend our thanks for the work you have done with KBA Financial. Previously we were running the business on a wing and a prayer and when times are hard this wasn’t going to work, your direction has helped us focus in numerous areas to drive the business forward.

You have made us question our reasons and motivation behind our decisions which is not something the leaders of a business tend to do. The help you have given us with budgeting and focus has helped us get out of difficult times and we are now planning for the future with a much more positive outlook.

I have no doubt that we will work together again in the future and I will be happy to refer clients and business associates over to you without hesitation."

Sarah Bates, KBA Financial Services

John has been my mentor since early 2011.

Whilst taking an understanding and sympathetic stance, he has helped me to strengthen the foundations of my business through financial and structural planning.

Meetings have been both therapeutic and exciting as John has an incredible ability to pick out the greatest issues and help work through them. I would highly recommend any professional or business owner to spend time with John."

Rupert Worden, Rupert Frazer Worden Ltd

I have known John for 5 years and he has been a formidable part of our small but determined team who strive to make Silentair Ltd. successful. To start a brand new business in a recession with brand new product never seen before was never going to be easy or quick for that matter and without Johns continued support throughout the years it is doubtful we would be here now. We are all judged by our achievements and the high esteem we and our clients hold for John, demonstrates his skill and dedication he has given to us all over the years. He is without doubt one of the most knowledgeable businessman I have come across, his ability to consistently come up with a workable solution to problems makes him a very valuable asset to any size of management team. John has other properties that set him aside from just being a very good businessman, his personal determination to do the right thing and the best he can is always at the forefront. Whether that means working through the night to finish an important document or representing the company in high level negotiations, John is 100% Company. No ‘If’s or But’s’ you can rely on John. Of course all is not always sweetness and light in any business and when difficult decisions have to be made he is always there – providing strong support or if needed leading from the front delivering the message himself. John is a man to trust and a man you can trust implicitly. A man who is always there, just when you want him a man who has the ability to sense your need for support and instantly provide it, drawing on his extensive work experience’s and of course his academic achievements also. John and I have worked closely together over the years building our unique company into a successful business that has a first class client portfolio and an equally impressive product list. John has been a big part of this success. He is also a very good friend - I wish him well. If you ever get the chance to work with John -grab him with both hands – it will be one of your very best business moves.

Phil Gillatt, Founder and Technical Director of Silentair Limited

Our experience of growth accelerator has been very eye opening beneficial to myself & Paul to support & control our growth. Choosing john to help us was the best thing we could have ever done, seriously we couldn't have chosen a more helpful coach. The only feedback I would give about the service is it should last for two years. We are just about to implement some serious much needed changes/control measures in our business & would love to have john by our side to see them through. All in all a very positive experience for which we are grateful. Thank you

Simon Eyre, Director, CRS PLANT LTD

Without you RB Asbestos wouldn’t have had the success it has had this year. We are very grateful to you for your guidance and patience. We both really look forward to your visits and know that you are a very valuable asset to our team. Thank you.

Stacey Byrne, Director, RB Asbestos Consultants

Having been a recent participant and beneficiary of the Growth Accelerator Programme, I feel compelled to register my thanks to all the people supplying the programme who without exception have been helpful and professional throughout. In particular I would like to mention both Mike Wilson of Winning Pitch and my business coach, John Barnes for their enthusiasm and guidance. The level of support and involvement given by John Barnes has been outstanding. We had, as a business, been through a couple of tough years and as a result lost some of our focus, thanks, in large measure, to the skills and coaching by John we are now back on track. Turnover and profits are both up we are looking forwards to a brighter future. So to all the team – Thank you.

Tony Sharp, Owner / MD, AGS tech Ltd