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Why choose a Chartered Director?

Chartered Director status from the Institute of Directors is now established as a leading benchmark qualification for directors across the private, public and third sectors. Find out how your business could benefit from expert board-level support…

It is supported by a large number of major and influential organisations – and for good reason. Being a knowledgeable and confident director does not happen by accident.

The Institute of Directors sets a premium on effective board direction: it qualifies Chartered Directors through a programme of learning, development and the assessment of experience in key areas of a boards work, including taking responsibility for:

  • the organisations vision, purpose and values in the context of its strategy in an holistic way
  • Delivering the strategy through appropriate control and performance monitoring and review
  • Stakeholders – their concerns, their needs and communicating strategies.
  • Ensuring the board works as a collective, has policies and procedures laid down, and engages in evaluation and development

Underlining theses areas are directors responsibilities in understanding their liabilities and their stewardship and leadership roles.

In short, being a Chartered Director demonstrates your commitment to professionalism, integrity and lifelong learning.


Chartered Director status is the Gold Standard for directors


Recognition of Chartered Director status:-

“Chartered Director recognises the demands placed on directors in today’s climate and for the first time provides a benchmark of the professional knowledge and experience required to meet shareholders expectations.” – CBI

“The complexity of the modern business and legal environment has made it more of a challenge for company directors to meet their responsibilities. The Financial Reporting Council welcomes the establishment of the Chartered Director qualification as a contribution to the professionalism of directors” – Financial Reporting Council